Alicia Correas, was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

She was formed in the Piano School of the great Polish master Jorge de Lalewicz through Juan B. Gaggero and Lía Cimaglia - Espinosa, and she is considered one of the most important pianists that permanently diffuse inside and outside the country the national music.

She carried out studies of Harmony and Composition with the teachers Nicolás Mignogna and Luis Ángel Machado and Counterpoint with Guillermo Scarabino and History of the Music with the teacher Carlos Suffern.

In August 1996 she was designated invited member of the CAMU (UNESCO) in recognition of her professional trajectory.

She has received prizes and distinctions granted by Amigos del Arte Rosario, Alberto Williams Association of Buenos Aires, “Negro y Marfil” of Bs. As.,  “Harmonicus” Association of Bs. As. and by the International Concourse of Jaén (Spain) among others.

She had the privilege of first performing  for all America the"Heroic Concert" for piano and orchestra by Joaquín Rodrigo under the direction of Juan Carlos Zorzi and also performed it in Mendoza directed by the master Guillermo Scarabino and in Santa Fe under the direction of the talented José de Eusebio. This concert took place during the 40th Anniversary of the Provincia de Santa Fe Orchestra and in the homage of the 95 years that master Rodrigo had in 1996.

In 1971 the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Madrid offered her a fellowship to carry out a course of History of the Art in the Philosophy University collaborating as class assistant, under the guidance of Joaquín Rodrigo.

In 1986 she was invited to the First Argentine Music Congress organized by the CAMU (Argentinean Council of Music) where besides playing in one of concerts carried out in the Colon Theatre of Bs. As., she was designated delegate of the CAMU in musical education in Santa Fe.

She was called to homage the King and Queen of Spain in their visit to Rosario performing Spanish and Argentinean authors' works. She also participated in an official concert in the Bicentennial of the French Revolution.

In 1991 she represented Rosario’s women who are dedicated to art in the Woman's International Day.

She has been member of the Economic and Social Council of Rosario's Municipality in the area of culture-ad-honorem.

She has recorded music of argentinean authors in the National Radio of Spain, Radio R.H.J.K. of Bogotá (Colombia),  National Radio of Venezuela, Vatican Radio and the "Rhapsody in Time of Tango" of Edgar Spinassi in CD, under the direction of Fernando Ciraolo.

Her record appears in the Argentinean Musical Vademecum, in the Guide of the Music Lucchelli Bonadeo, in the Musical Magazine " Casa de las Americas" (Havana - Cuba), in the " Bird of Fire" (publication of art in Mexico D.F.) and in " Who is who in the music" (University of Cambridge, England).

She has been selected among five candidates as" Woman of the year 96-97" in the University of Cambridge, England.

She has performed with different local and foreign orchestras under the direction of: Oscar Giudice, Juan Carlos Zorzi, Joan Pich Santasusana, Guillermo Bonet - Muller, Guillermo Scarabino, Jorge Vineshoots, Fernando Ciraolo and José de Eusebio. She has carried out successive tours diffusing music of argentinean authors especially in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France and Italy and dictating classes in the Inca University Garcilazo de la Vega (Lima, Peru) and in the National School of Music of Lima (Peru).

She has been coordinating and consultant of the recording material in the School of Music of the Library" C. C. Vigil" of Rosario as well as regular teacher of Piano, History of the Music and Theoretical Foundation in this institution.

Alicia has been regular teacher of Piano and of History of the Music in the National Schools of Music and Dances of Rosario since their foundation up to 1997 and at present time she is teaching Piano and History of the Music in the Municipal School of Music of Rosario.

She has been invited to record for second time in Vatican Radio in December of the 2002.

She is one of the soloist invited to commercially record Joaquín Rodrigo’s integral concert under the direction of the Italian master Stefano Trasimeni and with the Symphony Orchestra of Sofía (Bulgaria), next to soloists as Igor Oistraj, Antón Niculescu, Quartet Nexus, Alessandro of Pau and Kristian Koev, among others, for the stamp of Info Alpha Music of Rome (Italy)

She has published specialized articles in" The Capital' of Rosario, “Rosario 12” and in the musical magazine of FM Allegro Radio, since 1957 till now.

2005.- In 2005, she participated in the Beethoven’s Sonatas complete cycle in the Argentine Library in Rosario and closed the Concerto’s annual cycle in the “Scala de San Telmo”, at the “Castelar de Buenos Aires” Hotel.

2006.- In 2006, she went on a tour of concertos around Europe. She was invited, for the fourth time already, to record at the Vatican Radio. This new recording is in marketing process by Irco Video, Ivan Cosentino’s firm.

She also delivered concertos in Paris, Rome, Cremona, Imperia, Torin and Campobasso.

In Rosario, she participated in the musical cycles devoted to Mozart, Schumann and some Argentinian authors who are native of the city.

In November, she was invited by the “Asociación Consonancias” from Santa Rosa, La Pampa, where she delivered a concerto due to the 40th Aniversary of the Spanish Theatre. She also gave a lecture targeted to local young musicians as well as a  musical lecture in ‘Frida’ open to the public in general.

As well as performing in several concerts (more information on this item), on 10th June 2010 she was declared a distinguished musician citizen of the City by the "Honorable Concejo Deliberante" of Rosario (ordinance Nº 8786)