In Argentina

 ALICIA CORREAS has the exact temperance at playing

"Above all, Alicia Correas is aware of the necessity of replacing the stereotype of virtuosity shared by many concert players for whom each concert is some kind of contest on technical ability. This pianist performs every work with temperance, expressing them with accuracy."

A wide-ranging sonority, a clean phrasing and an excellent treatment of pianissimos let us know that the performer is at her best."

A. C. V. 0. - “La Capital Rosario”

“...finally Juegos para Diana and the difficult Toccata by the same author ended the concert which the performer rounded out with a nostalgic though original tango by Pedro Saenz.

In this miniature as well as in the former works, Alicia Correas revealed herself as a resourceful performer, appealing to an expression enriched by her use of whole sonorities and a full ability to solve technical problems, but never abandoning a careful attention to subtleties, which she always keeps in focus.

Her bright interpretation made possible a detailed analysis of the works she played."

Luis María Hernández - “La Prensa", Buenos Aires

"Not always the selection of die best rendition in a concert means the rejection of others, but simply the recognition of the outstanding qualities of the interpreter. That is the case of Alicia Correas, a pianist we have already had the opportunity to listen to and appreciate her excellence."

... at the culmination of the concert she performed Bach's Italian Concerto. Her phrasing was what could be called a series of accents which highlighted each element with precision, and gave way to a range of attacks, all of them rooted m a vigorous basis. This whole conception could be limited in pursuit of a wider range of varieties but, in any case, expression would aIways be oriented towards an intelligent and communicative musicality." ... the rendition of Ginastera’s Suite de Danzas Criollas was striking.

Luis María Hernández - Ya Prensa ", Buenos Aires

"Alicia Correas has shown outstanding abilities to develop her métier brilliantly. Her perfect technique is added to a great musicality and a genuine attitude towards art, together with a professional responsibility."

Alicia Terzián - Buenos Aires

"lt is clear that Mrs. Alicia Correas is a mature artist, owner of a great sensitivity and fully developed technical resources, which allow her to show her artistic talents for the mean of expression she has chosen, following an authentic vocation.

Carlos Suffern - Buenos Aires

"Mrs. Alicia Correas is an artist of an important personality. A talented pianist, she is praiseworthy for her remarkable international performances, and to all this she adds a solid cultural and musical education which allowed her to develop efficiently a sustained labour in the vast field of music in its theoretical, historical and pragmatic aspects.

I have closely followed Mrs. Correas labour and her merits -among which we can mention her personal qualities of character perseverance, dedication and labouriousness- her professional achievements."

Carlos Suffern - Buenos Aires



... Probably it is in the field of baroque music where the interpretative spirit of this concert player is admirably fulfilled. The subtlety and emotional nuances of Los Pequeños Molinos de Viento are carefully elaborated. In both sonatas by Father Soler she shows the vast erudition of mid XVII century baroque" "We believe that: the softness, the light touch and the subtle interlocking of volumes are definitely achieved by Alicia Correas. These qualities are worked out to make up a clear historical sense. Correas knows perfect1y well the composers she interprets; she knows the historical and social background around Couperin and even that of Soler, so well that: she knows the frame and intention underlying Beethoven's 32 variations, which were performed with a spirit of concentration and exactness reminding us of the didactic and scholar mood governing their creation, "Alicia has not an imposing physical type. She is by no means a Walkyrie, though she is perfectly capable of stirring up the piano with her vigorous touché as if she were Walter Gieseking. Here, the opposite pole of Correas' gentle personality -which we could appreciate in the first part of the program - shows itself. Now with Suffern's Danza Frenética and Ginastera's Suite de Danzas Criollas she is full of strength and sparkling energy. Her interpretation of Alicia Terzián's Juegos para Diana -a modern, geometric and bright piece- was very beautiful and full of freshness and dynamism. Instead of showing that almost religious respect which is generally paid to the great personalities of the past, she combined respect and colloquial closeness in her treatment of Williams' Cortejo Campestre and even more in his Rancho Abandonado. In general, it is obvious that Argentine composers are closer to her heart, and this we could witness yesterday in the National Academy of Music, where she introduced a program wholly dedicated to them."

Consuelo Deschamps - “El Nacional” (México)

"The Argentine Embassy presents the pianist Alicia Correas with an interesting didactic concert titled "The music which surrounds us and its projection in Argentina at present.” It consists of an analysis of mutual influences among universal composers through different historical periods and of cultural interactions in diverse musical structure.

She rendered a quality interpretation of works by Father Soler, Haydn, Debussy, Iglesias Villoud and Piazzolla-Pizzicatti, Federico Miyara's Movimiento Perpetuo -an outstanding contemporary musician -deserves a special mention. Alicia Correas was enthusiastically applauded by the present audience.

Nilda Urquiza - “El Comercio" (Lima, Perú).

Dear Alicia:

I have admired your extraordinary performance of my Study op.11,Nº 20, 21 and 22. It is an execution with the highest piano quality, because of the beauty of the sound, the rhythmic power and the powerful technique. All this is at the service of an intense poetic and dramatic vein that touches us deeply.

With admiration and friendship.

Sergio Calligaris

November 6th, 2006.-

Alicia Correas at the Spanish Theatre

A concerto of exquisite musical sensitivity

Quality: the piano concertist Alicia Correas won the respect and admiration of people from La Pampa who were present on Saturday at the Spanish Theatre to share with her a musical evening in which the artist totally filled the audience expectations with her interpretation of Mozart, Schumann and Calligaris.

Alicia Correas’ last concerto last Saturday was “De Pianos y Mundos Fantásticos” (About pianos and the fantastic world) where she played some Mozart’s, Schumann’s and Sergio Calligaris’s works.

Invited by “Consonancias” Foundation, Alicia Correas delighted everyone who went to enjoy the concerto that also included the presentation and commentaries from Roberto Sessa, Irene Mecca and Dora Batistón. There, the pianist interpreted Fantasy in C minor K.475, by Mozart; Papillons Opus 2 and Fantasy Pieces Op 12 by Schumann; and Estudes opus 11 by the Argentinian Sergio Calligaris.

A warm applause acknowledged the excellent performance of who might be said to be the most prestigious pianist from our country, who apart from the warmth of her audience, also received a present that included recordings from a number of local poets and musicians, something that she greatly appreciated and was thankful for.

Approximately fifteen musicians and instrumentists from La Pampa went to the clinic the artist offered at the Academy in Centeno St. yesterday morning. In a quiet and friendly atmosphere, the pianist shared with an audience, completely eager for her quality of interpretation and her artist sensitivity, a great deal of her knowledge and musical experience.