21st May: "Ciclo Chopin", concert on the bicentenary of his birth. Biblioteca Argentina de Rosario (under the auspices of the Secretaria de Cultura Municipal)

18th June: Concert at the "El Círculo" theatre in Rosario beginning the Bicentennial National Flag's Week (Works by Argentinean composers)

4th September: Concert at "Pro Cultura Musical" Association in Rosario.

6th October: Concert at "Ana Maria Benito" Association in Rosario

5th August: "Ciclo Franz Liszt" (on the bicentenary of his birth). Under the auspices of the Secretaria de Cultura of Rosario.

10th September: Concert tribute to Eduardo Hernán Gómez shared with "Los Trovadores" and "Melipan". Museum of Fine Arts "Juan B. Castagnino" - Rosario

30th October: Invited to participate in the Concert of Local Composers where she premiered "Espacios Gestuales" (Daniel Cozzi). This is a work that is dedicated to Alicia, as well as the Piano Sonata Nº 6 Federico Miyara.

December: During this month she toured France, Italy and Poland divulguing music written by Argentinean composers.

3th August: Concert at the "Biblioteca Argentina" - Roario (Suite "Buenos Aires Tango" premiere, Eduardo H. Gómez).

5th September: Concert at MUSICARTE (Buenos Aires)

11th November: Concert at "Sala Principe de Asturias" - Music of Roario's composers. Recording the concert on a CD.

18th October: Concert at the "Biblioteca Argentina" with the pienist Patricia Vila.
17th April: Invited to the 14th International Festival of Classical Music. "Por los caminos del vino" with the pienist Valentin Surif.
4, 5, 6 and 7 December: Invited to the 2nd International Pianists Congress.
He has been invited to play at Mendoza and Rosario.

Actualy she is working to issue a second CD with the participation of several Rosario's composers.